Early Eyes Celebrate EP Release at 7th Street Entry

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Early Eyes performing at “Minutes” EP Release Show

At the beginning of the evening, a line of people formed around the block at First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry, all waiting to see Early Eyes perform at their EP Release Show. The line was still long when a woman came out of the door to announce that tickets were sold out, turning away people at the door.

Early Eyes, a band started at the University of Minnesota, had two openers: Sass, a band from Minneapolis, and the Happy Children, also from Minneapolis, who Early Eyes thanked on stage for teaching them a lot. Throughout the night the venue was packed, and very, very, hot. But that didn’t stop anyone from dancing and cheering for all three acts.

“There’s a lot of really great players,” Henry Patterson, the band’s guitarist said. “Ever since Prince’s day, Minneapolis has just been juice for so many great funk musicians.”

Early Eyes is very grateful for the Twin Cities music scene. Jake Berglove, the lead man and singer from Early Eyes said that the Twin Cities is “perfect” and “incredible” in terms of starting a band.

“Minneapolis has the best community because I feel like everyone’s trying to support each other,” Berglove said.

Des Lawerence, Early Eyes’ bassist, agrees.

“Everyone’s learning from the other levels of musicians,” he said.

Wyatt Fuller, the drummer, tells the story of how the band met—through a Facebook group chat with Patterson, Fuller, and Berglove.

Lawrence joined later when he “one night just waddled into the basement,” Berglove said. “He played Beastlie by Wolfpack, and we were like, nice, we’re friends.”

They’ve been working on their music, based in their dorm rooms at the University of Minnesota, all year.

The work paid off—they say the response to their EP “Minutes,” has been great, and that they get messages daily.

Early Eyes has lots of upcoming events. They will be playing Buckfest on June 10, along with deM atlaS, Good Luck Finding Iris, and more. To follow Early Eyes and see their upcoming events, follow them on Facebook @earlyeyesband or on Instagram @earlyeyesband.

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