Submission: Papa MBye

Papa MBye is an 18-year-old freelance illustrator and caricature artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work is typically done by free hand and each piece follows unique processes to produce organic artwork.

1. Welcome to My World, graphite on 9″ x 12″ paper

“[Welcome to My World] is one of the first pieces that I free handed. Instead of plotting everything out in paper, I did the planning in my mind and let my pencil run free. Doing this allowed me to lift all artistic constraints I used to set on my self and that made for an authentic and unique piece of artwork.”

2. Freedomink on 9″ x 12″ paper

“[Freedom] is free handed as well and I went all out on it. There are a lot of it abstract representations of everyday objects; there’s even a fidget spinner in there if you look close enough! It took me two months of gradually adding on everyday to finish this piece which totaled to about 20+ hours. I feel like art is most energetic on when you lay down on paper what you feel, and that’s what was done in creating this piece.”

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