Local bands raise money and awareness for Twin Cities Pet Rescue

Marselienna Von Eschen | The Orca Tribe Project

Volunteers from Twin Cities Pet Rescue sell merch at Amsterdam Bar and Grill

Three local bands played at the Amsterdam Bar and Grill on Jul. 16 at a show called “Rock 4 Rescues,” a benefit show for Twin Cities Pet Rescues, an animal foster group. People of all ages came to see the performances, from young teenagers with X’s on the back of their hands, to older adults who sat and watched from the back.

The first act to perform was the Everette Interpretation, a local band from the twin cities. During their performance, the lights were choreographed perfectly to the music, creating an all around amazing experience. Towards the end of the set a man from the audience even danced his way onto the stage.

The second act to perform was Why Not, another young band from the Twin Cities. With a smoke machine on their stage and energetic music, they had everybody in the bar out of their chairs and dancing. They had never played at the Amsterdam before.

“This was an amazing first show here,” said a member of the band, Henry Breen.

Marselienna Von Eschen | The Orca Tribe Project

The band Why Not performs at Rock 4 Rescues Benefit Concert

The last band and headliner of the event was The Happy Children, a well known local band that played a sold out show with Early Eyes in May at 7th Street Entry.

Joshua MacGregor from Why Not was impressed with all the bands.

“All the bands played at their best,” he said. “It was great watching it all happen.”

The event was put on by Twin Cities Pet Rescue, a group started in 2009 that focuses on helping animals in critical need. During the show they had a booth in the back of the viewing area where they told t-shirts and gave information. They encouraged guests to visit their website to find out more information and how they could help. Twin Cities Pet Rescue wants to find all animals a home, and they specialize in animals with medical or behavioral issues. They currently have a network of over one hundred foster families, and “the ultimate goal of finding each one a stable and loving forever home,” according to their mission statement.


Visit their website to learn more: https://www.twincitiespetrescue.org/

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