Why Not plays beyond their years

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Isaac Dell performing in the band, Why Not, at the Garage. “At a certain point, if someone likes the music, age doesn’t even matter,” Dell said.

Why Not, a young Twin Cities band, is made up of Isaac Dell (guitar and bass), Henry Breen (bass and guitar), and Joshua MacGregor (drums). They started writing songs together as eighth graders, and feeling no need to waste time, they began recording almost immediately. Last September, they released “What I Want” and “How Much Older,” and played their first show the following month.

“It was terrible,” Breen said about their first show.

MacGregor agreed: “We just didn’t have our stage presence down very well,” he said.

Since then, Why Not has had quite the come up, performing with acts like The Happy Children, Carnage The Executioner, and other local wonders.

“It’s not as hard being a new band as it is being a young band,” Breen said.

Being only 15 and 16 years old, Why Not faces a bit of a road block when it comes to 18 plus venues. Bridging the age gap might seem difficult but the band believes that what they lack in age, they easily compensate for in musical talent.

“At a certain point, if someone likes the music, age doesn’t even matter,” Dell said.

It’s not as hard being a new band as it is being a young band

-Henry Breen

Why Not has quickly found a spot in the local music scene, even though they are “trying to get involved with a group of people that are all at least four to five years older than [them].”

The Twin Cities music community is large and welcoming, and is only going to get larger as a result of bands like Why Not.

“There’s totally a generation of youth bands and high school bands on the rise. I’m hearing more and more stuff that’s really good. It’s making me realize the amount of potential in the cities,” Breen said.

Young talent is of no deficit in the cities. However, Why Not stands out very distinctly in this wave of adolescent musicians. Their music is far beyond their years, delving into complex subject matter, on an equally complex sonic plain. As a power trio, not only are they able to leave space and play softly, but also easily capable of filling a room to the brim with sound, playing a mile a minute. Their composition is simultaneously full of adolescent energy, and compositional maturity.

Why Not hasn’t released a record yet, and Dell “[doesn’t] want to give a date, or any false hope.” Why Not is working all over the cities, tracking mainly at McNally Smith, and mixing with Caleb Hinz and Dylan Parker.

Why Not recently performed at The Amsterdam Bar and Grill on Jul. 19 to raise money with The Happy Children and Heart To Gold for Twin Cities Pet Rescue.

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