Karl Remus presents Lucid VanGuard’s “prelordt” video

The protagonist emerges from the clouds as a fully grown owl.

Karl Remus is a musician and composer based out of Minneapolis Minnesota. He has worked on projects such as 26 BATS! and WTF and is currently releasing his first self made project Lucid VanGuard.

Karl has been working on the project Lucid VanGuard for the last year recording his next EP “pseudo spirits”. He hopes to captivate a cinematic feel to his music and has paired each of the songs with a video that encapsulates the aura of the melody and rhythm. In the process of composition his goal was to create full sounding pieces.   

“I want to call it a sonic cinema,” Karl Remus said. “I started writing these songs and began having more ideas for orchestration and choirs.”

The concepts for this EP all came from Karl creating demos on an eight track recorder and filling in the space with elegant vocals and instruments.

The Video:  

Lucid VanGuard’s video for “prelordt” captures the story of an owl’s life traveling through an alluring forest as the seasons change. Karl describes the natural flow of life and death through the well balanced video that complements his composition.

“The video is representation of a world with nature and animals by itself that is untouched by human, unspoiled” Karl Remus said.  “I try to correlate the movements of the song with the animation and the changes of seasons”

Owl protagonist walks through the forest as the four seasons of its life go by.

Remus consciously avoided adding lyrics to the piece, staying true to the concept of a natural world without influence of human, allowing the instruments vocalize the story.  

Karl collaborated with Maddy Haynes, an animator and graphic artist based out of Minneapolis Minnesota to create the video. Maddy focuses on art based around animals and nature, evidently seen in the video. You can check out more of her work at www.maddyhaynes.com.

“She read my mind definitely as far as how i wanted the character to look and scenery to look” Karl Remus said.


Animation and design by Maddy Haynes
Musical contributors: Karl Remus (guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals, production/engineering)  Warren Thomas Fenzi (Drums/Perc.), Jenessa LaSota (violin), Andy Engstrom (Upright Bass), Jared Jarvis (flute), Daniel Chavez (trumpet), Bailey Cogan (vocals), mixed/mastered by Christian Wheeler.


Lucid VanGuard’s debut EP “pseudo spirits” will be released Autumn of 2017.  

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