Chance Gilliam

Chance Alton Gilliam currently serves as the Chief of Multimedia at Orca Tribe. He graduated from St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists in 2015 and currently hosts a podcast entitled Chance by Chance. Started in the fall of 2016, Chance hopes his podcast can act as a resource for young creators who are learning how to navigate a professional field. Chance also performs as a solo musician and plays the guitar. Outside of podcast recording and music, Chance enjoys walking dogs, sailing, rock climbing and reading. Some of his favorite literary works are Daodejing, A Confederacy of Dunces and Tools of Titans.


Chance by Chance: Ashley Blaine Featherson from ‘Dear White People’ June 9, 2017

Chance by Chance: DeCarlo Jackson of Hippo Campus September 29, 2017