John Connelly

Executive Director of Finance & Policy

John Connelly is the Executive Director of Finance and Policy for the Orca Tribe Project. He currently attends University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. His connection to art stems from his love for capturing the world through photography and working with his hands, and he enjoys viewing good collections of work with a strong tying theme or historical significance. John’s experience in photography includes the Winnebago Workshop with Alex Soth, prominent Minneapolis photographer, and he has been fascinated with art since he was a little kid going to museums. Outside of the arts, John is interested in rock climbing, history, random facts, and new experiences. John was inspired to co-found the Orca Tribe Project by Alex Soth, and by the realization that as someone who has the good fortune and the ability to share the opportunities he has given, it gives him a lot of joy to help other people find the spotlight.