How do we achieve our goals?

For these reasons, here are the first five positive steps we hope to take with this project, and of you we ask your support:

  • Write journalistic features on young artists from a diversity of backgrounds and share their work on our website and social media. If you are an artist or writer under the age of 30, please submit your work here:
  • Promote and cover events where young artists will be featured (Instagram: @orca.tribe). If you are planning an event that fits those criteria, please contact us. You can message us through Facebook or email us at
  • Grow and diversify our staff. Our acting staff is currently comprised of 50% people of color and 50% women, with ages ranging from 17 to 19, among other demographics. If you’re interested in joining our staff, fill out our application here and email us a cover letter and resume.
  • Stay connected. At Orca Tribe, we will do our best to communicate with clarity and speed through our social media and email with everyone in the community.
  • Get the word out there! A tribe doesn’t exist without people in it. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and more and share our content and events.
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