Our logo

The logo is perhaps the most abstract and mysterious aspect of our brand, but its origins are quite simple: it was once an orca. Turn it counterclockwise, and you can see an orca emerging from a spray of water, captured in a single paint stroke. However, we at Orca Tribe recognize art is not a literal thing, but a form of expression shaped not only by the artist, but also by the viewer. The orca was turned sideways to be more abstract and less directly connected to our name, and since then, we have received the most questions about it, with interpretations ranging from a question mark to a fish hook.

While different individual interpretations may be positive, negative, or neutral, they are all valuable. There is no single story in art or culture, and no single definition of a word or object. We welcome and encourage all conversations not only about who we are and what our mission is, but also of the art and writing that we will be publishing and promoting. Our biggest goal of all—accessibility—would not be reachable if we did not first condemn insulation and the stifling of productive, even conflict-driven, conversations.

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